Limo Airport Transportation Vs. Taxi Airport Transportation

This article demonstrates some of the important differences and benefits by taking a limo rather than a taxi. The differences in appearance between a regular cab versus a stretch limo are obvious. But there are many different types of limo services offered in Phoenix, so make sure you fully understand the benefit of a limo service before you call your next taxi. Most limo companies offer airport transportation services and have Lincoln Town Cars or Chrysler 300s for these purposes. The vehicles are usually top of the line, factory stock models. These airport Town Cars have many luxuries like leather seats, something similar to what a limo has to offer, but in the standard four door, 5 passenger space.

Airport limo companies have more luxurious vehicles compared to your standard taxi cab companies. That’s why it is automatically assumed that they would be more expensive. But this is not automatically true. Airport Town Cars are purchased for the purpose of frequently picking up and dropping off customers. As a result they are a lot cheaper in price compare to the regular limos. As matter of fact many airport transportation companies are cheaper than your standard taxi rate in Phoenix.

A Town Car rate from Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport to Scottsdale would be from $35 to $95. For a taxi you might pay more or around that price depending on a lot of things like traffic for example. You won’t get a flat rate with a taxi, but with an airport transportation service, you do. Now wouldn’t you rather be on a nice, clean Lincoln town car and know you are paying about the same amount as you would for a taxi? Call a limo company and let the limo driver open the door for you, help you with your luggage, and receive a nice comfortable ride back home.

Now, you have two choices, calling a yellow cab that can pick you up, or booking an airport limo that will pick you up and drop you off at your front door in complete comfort. Remember that the price would be about the same. So next time you are thinking of hiring a cab, remember that you can get that service plus luxury for about the same price.

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