There are more than 125,000 passengers who arrive and depart from the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport every day. As traveling only starts to ramp up with the hot summer’s arrival, that number is geared to skyrocket.

What does this mean for you as an excited traveler? Airline Passenger Waiting for Taxi at AirportWhether you need to fly into Sky Harbor or fly out of it to another destination, you’re about to experience the lovely joys of this phenomenon once again — traffic.

The word alone may conjure up familiar feelings of airport anxiety and navigating through overwhelming crowds. Perhaps you might even start sweating when you think about getting to the airport late, seeing long lines, and feeling that pit of despair knowing your plane will take off without you.

However, before you freak out too much, there are plenty of proven ways to avoid your collision with traffic at the airport. To reduce your airport anxieties, let’s take a look at some of the best strategies to get you on your way.

Plain Departing at Sky Harbor Airport

Book Early Morning Flights

We know, we know — this might not exactly be your cup of tea if you consider yourself a night-owl. However, you can never beat the phrase, ‘the early bird gets the worm.’ It couldn’t be a truer phrase when it comes to beating out the crowds.

The earlier the flight is, say before 9 AM, the less you’ll have to deal with loud noises, uncomfortable spaces, and congested parking lots. The best course of action is to go to trusty Google and take a look at the “Popular Times” section under Sky Harbor. Those are the times that you want to avoid when booking your flight. Not only will your trip be so much easier, but you won’t have to deal with traffic or risk a delay in your trip.

Online Check-In

Imagine that you get to the airport, and you only have about an hour left before your flight takes off. As the sweat glistens on your forehead, you rapidly jog into Sky Harbor with your luggage only to see a long line at the check-in counter.

Things could have turned out differently if you checked in online beforehand. Thanks to the power of technology, you’re now able to simply check in with the use of a smartphone on hand a few hours before your flight takes off. Not only is this method contactless and safe, but it’ll also greatly reduce your hassle and stress.

Black Car Service

This is the only time where we believe that cutting the line is totally acceptable.

Go with Sky Harbor Transportation

When it comes to flights, timing is everything. Need to catch a flight or need to head to a time-sensitive meeting as soon as you touch down in Phoenix? You’ll need fantastic airport ground transportation.

Sure, you could totally wait for a taxi. But then again, you’d only be stuck in a long line ago and risk being late. The best course of action is to opt in for a private ride using our Sky Harbor Transportation. With so much traffic going in and out of Sky Harbor, your chauffeurs are experts at navigating the terminals and getting you to your destination on time. Equipped with their permits and set-in-stone designated pickup points, you can always rest assured that you’ll get quality service.

You won’t have to worry about flight delays either. Because Sky Harbor Transportation carefully monitors every single flight, your driver will always keep up to date with you to ensure that your airport anxieties are reduced. With a private ride on your side, traffic will be a problem of the past.

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