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Just touched down in the metropolitan area of Phoenix and need a way to get around? Well, there’s no shortage of transportation options for you to consider. You could either go traditional and hail a taxi cab. Or you could take advantage of the fast growth of ride-sharing services and grab an Uber or Lyft instead. Freeway to Sky Harbor Airport You could also bypass those options altogether and request a private ride using our Sky Harbor Shuttle Service.

With so much on the table, it can be tough to decide what transportation method is best. However, we’ve done the hard work for you. In narrowing it down to three main factors, take a look for yourself at which transportation service fares the best.

Comfort and Cleanliness

Uber, Lift and Yellow Taxi Cab Phone App Right Share Programs

Downside of Ride Share App Programs using UBER, LIFT or a Yellow Cab services

When you imagine a yellow cab, is comfort the first word that comes to your mind? Probably not, and for good reason. Often, these cars are on the older side and won’t be cleaned often between the hundreds of passengers that it transports daily. An Uber or Lyft wouldn’t be much better. Because the car belongs to the driver, it might not be set up solely for the comfort of the rider. You probably wouldn’t enjoy a very luxurious experience either.

However, that all changes if you use our private shuttle to Sky Harbor Airport. Our stylish town cars, sedans and SUV’s, your comfort and cleanliness are maximized. Without a doubt, Sky Harbor Transportation can guarantee you a well-maintained private ride.


No matter how fancy the vehicle is, the driver can truly make or break your experience. Although taxi drivers are professionally trained and licensed to take you around, they may not be the most vigilant in customer service. Occasionally, you might come across taxi drivers with bad attitudes, undesirable hygiene, or ones that like to take you on bumpy rides.

Private Shuttle Ride to Sky Harbor Airport

The concern is even greater with ridesharing. Because they’re fewer regulations and requirements, most Uber or Lyft drivers you encounter won’t be professionally trained. Additionally, you might even have to worry about your safety due to the history of riders who’ve slipped through the cracks of background checks.

With Sky Harbor Transportation on your side, your service is taken to the next level. Not only is every driver fully screened and trained, but they also will strive to be punctual and polite. There’s simply no service quite like the VIP experience we provide.

5 Benefits to Hiring an Airport Limo Service

Convenience and Cost

Imagine just how much it would cost to take a taxi or an Uber for every place you wanted to visit. Now, on top of that, think about how much more you’d be paying if a taxi driver decided to scam you by going on a longer route to your destination. No matter how you look at it, the picture isn’t the prettiest for your bank account.

What makes the situation even worse is if you need a ride, but no taxi or Uber is nearby. If you’ve got an urgent conference to head to, you wouldn’t have any other option but to walk and show up late.

Instead, Sky Harbor Transportation takes care of all those problems for you. On a tight budget? No worries — you can select a more affordable vehicle without sacrificing any stellar service. Need to rush over to an important event? Your private ride will always be around when you need it and where you need it.

At the end of the day, there’s no transportation method that can beat the convenience and comfort that a private shuttle from Sky Harbor Transportation can bring. With the finest reputation in Phoenix, you’re guaranteed the best experience possible.

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