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With about 43.9 percent of the country’s population considered fully vaccinated as of June 15, there’s no doubt that regular life as we used to know is making a comeback. Having heard this news, you’re probably just itching to start traveling and exploring the world again.

Inside of Busy AirportYet, whether you want to reach the beachy coasts of the Bahamas or the bustling city of New York, you’re still going to have to abide by the rules of the airports.

For now, you might know of how strict airports were in enforcing coronavirus-safe protocol to keep their passengers safe. However, now that the vaccine rollout has ushered out a new era where it might be safe to resume normal life, you might be wondering how airports are navigating this unchartered territory.

More specifically, you want to know what you will need to do in order to be prepared for your next trip to the airport. To keep you in the loop, we’ve compiled the latest knowledge on what airport policies might look like in our near post-pandemic future.

Mask Mandates

Airport Mask MandatesEven though plenty of states have already loosened their mask restrictions, it looks like most airports are keeping their mask requirements in place — even Sky Harbor Airport. That applies even if you’re fully vaccinated. However, the good news is that passengers who have been fully vaccinated in the past three months no longer need to get tested to take flight.


To make the check-in process as contactless as possible, most airports will add heightened health screening measures and even restrict airport entry to ticketed passengers only. That way, you will experience fewer crowds and have more space to socially distance. On top of that, more mobile and self-service options will be made available.

Airline Pricing

When the pandemic hit, it seemed that traveling went through a complete shutdown. As a result, most of the major airports and airlines suffered big revenue hits. The impact was so bad, that booked ticket prices at the beginning of this year were about half of 2019 levels for American Airlines. However, now that traveling is skyrocketing with the peak of the summer, ticket prices are rising just as fast. For that same airline, prices are almost up 90 percent of the levels they were back in 2019.
People waiting for taxi at the airport

Airport Transportation and Wait Times

Before the pandemic hit, you probably had to deal with frustratingly long wait times at every single instance you needed transportation to and from the airport. Such hours spent in the blistering heat aren’t uncommon for passengers at Sky Harbor or Scottsdale Airport.

How to Escape Traffic at Sky Harbor

Unfortunately, they also won’t be any less of a problem you’ll have to handle post-pandemic. Because of the traveling frenzy we’re in, getting a taxi or rideshare is going to be more difficult than ever. As a result, both those methods are unreliable when it comes to excellent airport transportation.

What you’ll need is a great sky harbor car service and you can’t find a better solution than us. Not only will you be transported in a comfortable, clean, and stylish ride, but you can be rest assured you’ll never be late with a knowledgeable chauffeur at the lead.

Why Hire a Private Driver

With decades of experience and a stellar reputation, we are prepared to guide you through the uncertainties that flying post-pandemic can bring. If you want your next trip to go successfully without a hitch, don’t hesitate to contact us for the best airport transportation service in the area!